La Storia Di Orfeo – Philippe Jaroussky

L’Orfeo: Sinfonia
L’Orfeo, Act 1: “Cara e amabile catena” (Euridice, Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, SV 318, Act 1: “Vieni, Imeneo… Lasciate i monti” (Chorus)
L’Orfeo, SV 318, Act 1: “Rosa del Ciel” (Euridice, Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 1: “Mio ben, teco il tormento” (Euridice)
L’Orfeo, Act 1: “Che dolcezza è la certezza” (Euridice, Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 1: “Deh, più lucente” (Chorus)
L’Orfeo, SV 318, Act 2: “Vi ricorda, o boschi ombrosi” (Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, SV 318, Act 1: “Vieni, Imeneo” (Chorus)
L’Orfeo, Act 1: “M’ami tu?… Se così dunque Amor fà… Deh, pietà!” (Euridice, Orfeo, Chorus)
L’Orfeo, Act 2: “A l’imperio d’Amore” (Chorus, Euridice)
L’Orfeo, Act 2: “Ahimè, Numi, son morta” (Euridice, Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 2: “Ah, piangete!” (Chorus)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Lagrime, dove sete?” (Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “# morta Euridice” (Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Dormite, begl’occhi, dormite” (Chorus)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Orfeo tu dormi?” (Euridice)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Se desti pietà” (Euridice)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Risvegliati, sù” (Euridice, Orfeo) – Sinfonia (Orchestra)
L’Orfeo, SV 318, Act 2: “Possente spirto” (Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, SV 318, Act 4: “Pietade oggi e Amore” (Chorus)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Numi, che veggio… Non ti volger” (Euridice, Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Chiuso, ahimè, di Cocito… Rendetemi Euridice” (Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Lasciate Averno” (Orfeo)
L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Amor vero e salda fé” (Chorus)

Philippe Jaroussky, Emöke Barath, Coro della Radio Svizzera, I Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis

Drager: 1 CD
Release date: 3/3/2017
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Philippe Jaroussky parcourt la légende d’Orphée à travers les opéras que Sartorio, Rossi et Monteverdi consacrèrent à cette figure mythologique. Un album d’une délicatesse infinie…

Philippe Jaroussky overloopt de legende van Orpheus aan de hand van de opera’s die Sartorio, Rossi en Monteverdi gewijd hebben aan deze mythologische figuur. Een album voor fijnproevers …

   in Opera Now (Jul, 2017)
Such is today’s cult of the countertenor that Philippe Jaroussky hogs the cover of his new CD, La Storia di Orfeo, despite sharing the vocal honours with soprano Emöke Baráth, who has to make do with a photograph in the booklet. It’s particularly unfair as her singing is gorgeous, with even and luscious tone, not a note out of place. Admittedly Jaroussky’s voice is also on top form, delicate but with a tensile strength. The two blend very well together, her touch of vibrato contrasting well with his whiter sound. The disc takes three composers’ interpretations of the Orfeo myth: Monteverdi (L’Orfeo, 1607), Rossi (Orfeo, 1647) and Sartorio (L’Orfeo, …

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