Bernstein: Candide

Candide (Original Version)
Overture (Act I)
Westphalia Chorale (Act I)
Life is Happiness Indeed (Act I)
The Best of All Possible Worlds (Act I)
Universal Good (Act I)
Oh, Happy We (Act I)
I Must Be So (Act I)
Westphalia (Act I)
Battle Music (Act I)
Candide’s Lament (Act I)
Dear Boy (Act I)
Auto-da-f? (Act I)
Candide Begins His Travels – It Must Be Me Candide’s Second Meditation (Act I)
Paris Waltz (Act I)
Glitter and be gay (Act I)
You Were Dead, You Know (Act I)
I Am Easily Assimilated Old Lady’s Tango (Act I)
Quartet Finale (Act I)
Universal Good (Act II)
My Love Governor’s Serenade (Act II)
We Are Women Polka (Act II)
The Pilgrims’ Procession/Alleluia (Act II)
Quiet (Act II)
Introduction to Eldorado Instrumental (Act II)
The Ballad of Eldorado (Act II)
Words, Words, Words Martin’s Laughing Song (Act II)
Bon Voyage (Act II)
The Kings’ Barcarolle (Act II)
Money, Money, Money (Act II)
What’s the Use (Act II)
The Venice Gavotte (Act II)
Nothing More Than This (Act II)
Universal Good Life is Neither (Act II)
Make Our Garden Grow Finale (Act II)

Hadley / Ludwig / Green / Anderson / Gedda / / Leonard Bernstein

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 11/8/2003
Barcode: 0028947447221 Catégories : ,



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