Bernstein: On The Town (First Choice) – Stade

On the Town
No. 1 “I Feel Like I’m Not Out of Bed Yet” (Original Version)
New York, New York (Original Version)
No. 3 “Presentation of Miss Turnstiles” (Original Version)
No. 4 “Gabey’s Comin’ / Pickup Song” (Original Version)
Taxi Number: Come Up to My Place (Original Version)
Carried Away (Original Version)
No. 7 “Lonely Town” (Original Version)
No. 8 High School Girls (Original Version)
No. 9 Lonely Town – Pas de deux (Original Version)
No. 10 “Carnegie Hall Pavane” (Original Version)
No. 11 “I Can Cook Too” (Original Version)
Lucky To Be Me (Original Version)
No. 13 Times Square: Finale, Act I (Original Version)
No. 14 “So Long, Baby” (Original Version)
No. 15 “I Wish I Was Dead” (Original Version)
No. 16 “Ya Got Me” (Original Version)
Ain’t Got No Tears Left Lyrics: Leonard Bernstein (Original Version)
Pitkin’s Song (Original Version)
No. 19 Subway Ride and Imaginary Coney Island (Original Version)
No. 20 The Great Lover Displays Himself (Original Version)
No. 21 Pas de deux (Original Version)
Some Other Time (Original Version)
No. 23 “The Real Coney Island” (Original Version)
No. 24 Finale (Original Version)
No. 25 “The Intermission’s Great” (Original Version)

Stade, Frederica Von / Hampson, Thomas / Tilson Thomas, Michael

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/1/2016
Barcode: 0028947911111 Catégories : ,



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