Celebrating John Williams – Gustavo Dudamel

Olympic Fanfare And Theme
Excerpts (From “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”
Out To Sea / The Shark Cage Fugue (From “Jaws” / Medley
Hedwig’s Theme (From “Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone”
Fawkes The Phoenix (From “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets”
Harry’s Wondrous World (From “Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone”
Theme (From ‘schindler’s List”
Adventures On Earth (From “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”
The Flight To Neverland (From “Hook”
Theme (From “Jurassic Park”
Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra (From “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade”
Marion’s Theme (From “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”
The Raiders March (From “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”
Sayuri’s Theme (From “Memoirs Of A Geisha”
The Imperial March (From ‘star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”
Yoda’s Theme (From ‘star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”
Throne Room And Finale (From ‘star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”
Adagio (From ‘star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”
Superman March (From ‘superman”

Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Gustavo Dudamel

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 29/3/2019
Barcode: 0028948366477 Catégories : , ,


Le compositeur John Williams aux dizaines de bandes originales mémorables reçoit les hommages du chef vénézuélien et de son orchestre de Los Angeles avec ce double album superlatif.

Componist John Williams, auteur van tientallen onvergetelijke soundtracks, krijgt met dit fenomenale dubbelalbum een eerbetoon van de Venezolaanse dirigent en zijn orkest uit


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