John Williams: Across The Stars (Vinyl) – Anne-Sophie Mutter

Rey’s Theme (From “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”)
Yoda’s Theme (From “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”)
Hedwig’s Theme (From “Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone”)
Across The Stars (Love Theme) (From “Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones”)
Donnybrook Fair (Based On “Blowing Off Steam” From “Far And Away”)
Sayuri’s Theme (From “Memoirs Of A Geisha”)
Night Journeys (From “Dracula”)
Theme (From “Sabrina”)
The Duel (From “The Adventures Of Tintin”)
Luke And Leia (From “Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi”)
Nice To Be Around (From “Cinderella Liberty”)
Theme (From “Schindler’s List”)

Anne-Sophie Mutter, The Recording Arts Orchestra, Kristian Schuller

Format: 3 Vinyl
Release date: 27/9/2019
Barcode: 0028948370689 Catégories : ,



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