Purcell: The Fairy Queen – John Eliot Gardiner

The Fairy Queen (Original Version)
Prelude (Act 1)
Hornpipe (Act 1)
Air (Act 1)
Rondeau (Act 1)
Overture (Act 1)
Song in Two Parts: “Come, come, come, let us leave” (Act 1)
Scene of the Drunken Poet: “Fill up the Bowl” (Act 1)
First Act Tune: Jig (Act 1)
Prelude…Come, all ye songsters of the sky (Act 2)
Prelude (Act 2)
Trio: “May the God of Wit inspire” (Act 2)
Echo (Act 2)
Chorus: “Now Joyn your Warbling Voices all” (Act 2)
A Dance of Fairies (Act 2)
Song and Chorus: “Sing while we trip it on the Green” (Act 2)
No.14 “See, even Night herself is here” (Act 2)
No.15 “I am come to lock all fast” (Act 2)
No.16 “One charming night” (Act 2)
No.17 “Hush, no more” (Act 2)
No.18 Dance for the followers of night (Act 2)
Second Act Tune: Air (Act 2)
A Song in Two Parts and Chorus: “If Love’s a Sweet Passion” (Act 3)
Overture: Symphony while the Swans come forward (Act 3)
Dance for the Fairies (Act 3)
Dance for the Green Men (Act 3)
Song: “Ye Gentle Spirits of the Air, appear” (Act 3)
Dialog: “Now the Maids and the Men” (Act 3)
Song: “When I have often heard” (Act 3)
A Dance of Haymakers (Act 3)
Song and Chorus: “A Thousand Thousand ways we’ll find” (Act 3)
Third Act Tune: Hornpipe (Act 3)
Symphony (Act 4)
No.31 Solo & Chorus “Now the night” (Act 4)
Duet: “Let the fifes, and the Clarions” (Act 4)
Entry of Phoebus (Act 4)
Song: “When a cruel long Winter”- Chorus: “Hail! Great Parent of us all” (Act 4)
Song: “Thus the ever Grateful Spring” (Act 4)
Song: “Here’s the Summer, Sprightly, Gay” (Act 4)
Song: “See my many Colour’d Fields” (Act 4)
Song and Chorus: “Now Winter comes Slowly” (Act 4)
Fourth Act Tune: Air (Act 4)
Prelude (Act 5)
Epithalamium – Thrice happy Lovers (Act 5)
The Plaint (Act 5)
Entry Dance (Act 5)
Symphony (Act 5)
Thus the gloomy world (Act 5)
Thus happy and free (Act 5)
Song: “Yes, Daphne, in your Looks I find” (Act 5)
Monkey’s Dance (Act 5)
Hark! How all things (Act 5)
Hark! the Ech’ing Air (Act 5)
Sure the dull God (Act 5)
Prelude (Act 5)
Solo: “See, see, I obey” (Act 5)
Duet: Turn then thine Eyes” (Act 5)
Solo: “My Torch, indeed” (Act 5)
Trio: “They shall be as happy” (Act 5)
Air (Act 5)
Chorus: “They shall be as happy” (Act 5)
Chaconne: Dance for Chinese Man and Woman (Act 5)

Jennifer Smith, Judith Ne Eiddwen Harrhy

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 2/10/2007
Barcode: 0028947767336 Catégories : ,




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