Ryuichi Sakamoto, Music For Film – Brussels Philharmonic

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Main Theme)
The last emperor (Main Theme)
The last emperor (Rain)
The shelting sky (Main Theme)
High Heels (Main Theme)
Wild palms (Main Theme)
Little Buddha (Acceptance)
Snake eyes (Main Theme Long Version)
Femme fatale (Bolerisch)
Babel (Bibo No Aozora)
Hara-Kiri (Ichimei) (Small Hope)
Yae no Sakura (OpeningTheme)
The revenant (Main Theme)

Brussels Philharmonic, Dirk Brossé

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 14/10/2016
Barcode: 0738572152420 Categories: ,



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