Stravinsky: The Soldier’s Tale – Oliver Knussen

Fanfare für ein neues Theater (für zwei Trompeten)
Canon ad honorem Igor Stravinsky
Chorale from a toy shop – for Igor Stravinsky (2016 Version For Winds)
Chorale from a toy shop – for Igor Stravinsky (2016 Version For Strings)
Die Geschichte vom Soldaten (L’histoire du soldat)
1. Introduction: The soldier’s march
2. Music for Scene 1: Airs by a stream
3. The soldier’s march (Reprise)
4. Music for Scene 2: Pastorale
5. Music for the end of Scene 2
6. Airs by a stream (Reprise)
7. Music for Scene 3: Airs by a stream (Reprise)
8. The soldier’s march (Reprise)
9. Royal march
10. Little concert
11. Three dances, No. 1 Tango
12. Three dances, No. 2 Waltz
13. Three dances, No. 3 Ragtime
14. The devil’s dance
15. Little chorale
16. The devil’s song
17. Great chorale
18. Triumphal march of the devil
Double Canon Raoul Dufy in memoriam
Epitaphium für das Grabmal des Prinzen Max Egon zu Fürstenberg
Tombeau – in memoriam Igor Stravinsky
Canon in memoriam Igor Stravinsky

Royal Academy Of Music, Manson Ensemble, Oliver Knussen

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/3/2017
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   in Classical Music (May, 2017)
A vibrant new version of Stravinsky’s pithy drama benefits from the participation of three of the UK’s most eminent composers: as The Soldier, Birtwistle is characteristically laconic; while Benjamin’s Devil is vigorously projected and rhythmically precise. Knussen’s account of the score, alongside a generous collection of miniatures by Birtwistle, Maxwell Davies and Stravinsky, is crisp and alert, securing excellent playing throughout, and Harriet Walter’s narration is a delight. Excellent sound and presentation. …

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