Tchaikovsky: Mazeppa – Bolshoi Theatre

Mazeppa (Oper in 3 Akten) (Gesamtaufnahme)
I’ll weave, I’ll weave my fragrant garland (1. Akt)
You like songs, my sweet friends
Some incomprehensible power attracts me to the Hetman
I’ve long been looking at your sorrow with anguish
What a celebration in my honour, Vasily
There is no bridge here
It’s so good, I love it, if not for my years
The young heart flares up and goes out instantly
Mazeppa, your words are confusing me
It’s not a thunderstorm that covers the sky with a dark cloud
Wake from your grief, Kochubey
So this is the reward for the charge (2. Akt)
The night in Ukraine is serene, stars glow in the translucent sky
O, Mariya, Mariya! In the afternoon of my life, you revived my soul like spring
My sweet friend!
The stars are so bright in the sky
How soon? How soon? Are they coming or not? (3. Akt)
Do go away! Do go away!
The battle of Poltava
In the bloody battle, in the field of honour, I’ve been looking for you, Mazeppa
And I came here to take a look at those places
I can hear the sound of horses nearby
You wretched man! God knows I did not want you to die!
The old man is gone, my heart is beating fast

Vladimir Valaitis, Evgeny Nesterenko, Tamara Milashkina, Irina Arkhipova, State Academic Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Fuat Mansurov

Format: 3 CD
Release date: 1/4/2020
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