The Complete Grainger Edition

Orchestral Works In a Nutshell-Suite; English Dances Nos. 1 & 2; Sheperd’s Hey; Blithe Bells; Green Bushes; Colonial Song; Harvest Hymn; Walking Tune; The Duke of Marlborough-Fanfare; We were Dreamers; Fisher’s boarding House; There were three Friends The Warriors; Youthful Suite; Dreamery; Irish Tune from County Derry; Molly on the Shore; Sheperd’s Hey; Country Gardens; Handel in the Strand; Mock Morris; Early one Morning; Passacaglia on an English Folktune “Green Bushes”;Hill-Song No. 2; The Merry King; Eastern Intermezzo; Colonial Song; Spoon River; Lord Maxwell’s Goodnight; The Power of Rome and the Christian Heart; The Immovable Do; Irish Tune from County Derry “County Derry Air”;Ye Banks & Braes O’Bonnie Doon
Works for Choir & Orchestra Anchor Song; 2 Sea Shanties; There was a Pig went out to dig; Molly on the Shore; The lonely desert Man sees the Tents of happy Tribes; Shallow Brown; Early one Morning; Brigg Fair; Marching Tune; I’m seventeen come Sunday; After-world; 6 Dukes went afischin; Handel in the Strand; Thou gracious Power; Country Derry Air; Ye Banks & Braes O’Bonnie Doon; Widow’s Parry; Sea-Wife; Running of Shindand; We have fed our Sea for a thousand Years; Tiger-Tiger; Love Song of Har Dyal; Country Gardens; Immovable Do; Mock Morris; Colleen Dhas; Scotch Strathspey & Reels; Dreamery; Colonial Song; My Robin is to the Greenwood gone; Handel in the Stand; Lord Maxwell’s Goodnight; Harvest Hymn; Lost Lady found; Mock Morris; The Power of Love; Died for Love; Love Verses from “The Song of Solomon”; Sheperd’s Hey; Early one Morning; The three Ravens; Scherzo; Youthful Rapture; Random Round; The Merry King; O Gin I were where Gadie rins; Skye Boat Song; Danny Dever; Irish Tune from County Derry; Dolla and a Half a Day; Molly on the Shore; : Danish Folksong-Suite; Fadir og Dottir; A Song of Värmeland; To a Nordic Princess; The Merry Wedding; Stalt Vesselil; The Rival Brothers; Dalvisa; Under en bro
Works for Choir a cappella My Love’s in Germany; Six Dukes Went A-fishin; O Mistress Mine; Mary Thomson; Early One Morning; Irish Tune from County Derry; Agincourt Song; Australian Up-Country Song; Recessional; At Twilight; The Gipsy’s Wedding Day; Mo Nighean Dubh; Ye Banks and Braes O’Bonnie Doon; Soldier, Soldier; Jungle-Book Verses; Near Woodstock Town; Love at First Sight
Works for Winds Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon; Faeroe Island Dance; The Lads of Wamphray March; Irish tune from County Derry; Sheperd’s Hey; Merry King; Molly on the Shore; Country Gardens; Colonial Song; The Gum-Suckers March; Lincolnshire Posy; The Power of Rome and the Christian Heart; Children’s March; Bell Piece; Blithe Bells; The Immovable Do; Hill Songs I & II; Irish Tune from County Derry; Marching Song of Democracy
Chamber Music Molly on the Shore; My Robin is to the Greenwood gone; Sheperd’s Hey; Harvest Hymn; Ariival Platform Humlet; Handel in the Strand; Scandinavian Suite “La Scandinavia”;Nightingale and the two Sisters; The Maiden and the Frog; The Shoemakers from Jerusalem; Mock Morris; The Sussex Mummer Christmas Charol; Theme & Variations; Youthful Rapture; Colonial Song; : Lord Peter’s Stable-Boy; The Shoemaker from Jerusalem; Hubby & Wifey; The Only Son; Ye Banks & Braes O’Bonnie Doon; Lisbon; Bridgeroom Grat; The Land O’ the Leal; Walking Tune; Willow Willow; Harvest Hymn; The Old Woman at the Christening; The Nightingale; The 2 Sisters; Sea Song; Bold William Taylor; The Power of Love; Lord Maxwell’s Goodnight; Colonial Song; Free Music; The Twa Corbies; Died for Love
Songs for Mezzo-soprano 4 Settings from “Songs of the north”;2 Settings of Rudyard Kipling; 5 Settings of Ella Grainger”; 14 Einzelieder
Songs for Tenor 9 Settings of Rudyard Kipling; 3 Settings of Robert Burns; 4 Settinge of “Songs of the North”;The Power of Love; The Twa Corbies; A Reiver’s Neck-Verse; Lord Maxwell’s Goodnight
Songs for Bariton Willow, willow; Six Dukes went afishin’;British Waterside; The pretty Maid milkin’ her Cow; The lost Lady, found; Creepin’ Jane; Bold William Taylor; 4 Settings from “Songs of the North”; 6 Settings of Rudyard Kippling; Hard hearted Barb’ra; Shallow Brown; Sailor’s Chanty; The Secret of the Sea
Piano Works In Bristol Town; English dance; Zanzibar Boat Song; The Widow’s Party’ March; Ye Banks and Braes O’Bonnie Doon; Jutish Medley; Harvest Hymn; Country Gardens; Random Round; Keel-Row; The Warriors; Green Bushes; Let’s dance Gay in green Meadow; Train Music; Peace and Saxon Twi-Play; Andante con moto; Pianostücke in D major, in E major, in A minor, in B flat major; At Twilight; English Waltz; Seven Men from all the World; Scoth Strathspey and Reel; 3 Childhood Works; 3 Scotch Folksongs; Paraphrase on Tchaikovsky’s Flower Waltz; Sailor’s Song; In Dahomey; Near Woodstock Town; Eastern Intermezzo; Irish Tune; Walking Tune; Tiger-Tiger; The Hunter in his Career; Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol; The Rival Brothers; Australian Up-Country Song; Harvest Hymn; The Merry King; Lisbon; Pastoral; The Widow Party; Horkstow Grange; The Brisk Young Sailor; Hard-Hearted Barb’ra Helen; Bristol Town; Sea-Song Sketch; Molly on the Shore; Arrival Platform Humlet; Sheperd’s Hey; Country Gardens; Mock Morris; The Gum-Suckers’ March; The Tents of the Happy Tribes; Gay but Wistful; Handel in the Strand; My Robin is to the Greenwood gone; Lullaby from “Tribute to Foster”; One more day, my John; A Bridal Lullaby; Knight and Shepherd’s Daughter; Children’s March “Over the hills and far away”; Bridal Lullaby Remble; Spoon River; Ramble on the last Love-Duet from “Rosenkavalier”; Danish Folk-Music Suite; To a Nordic Princess; Blithe Bells; Walking Tune; Proud Vesselil; Rimmer and Goldcastle; Irish Tune from County Derry; Country Gardens; The immoval Do; Beautiful Fresh Flower; Now, oh now I needs must part
Works for Large Choir & Orchestra King Solomon’s Espousals; Danny Deever; Marching Song of Democracy; The Wraith of Odin; The Hunter in his Career; Sir Eglamore; The Lads of Wamphray; The Bride’s Tragedy; Tribute to Foster; Thanksgiving Song
Transcriptions for Winds Transcriptionen from works by Anonymous, Machaut, Desprez, Cabezon, Ferrabosco, Jankins, Bach, Liszt, Franck, Fauré, Goossens, Parker

Ivan Hovorun, Mark Padmore, Stephen Varcoe, Timothy Reynish, Pamela Helen Stephen, Martyn Hill, Della Jones, Susan Gritton, Penelope Thwaites, Sydney Chamber Choir, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Joyful Company of Singers, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Chorus, Danish National Radio Symphony Choir, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, City of London Sinfonia, Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Richard Hickox, Clark Rundell, Andrew Davis, Johan Reuter

Format: 21 CD
Release date: 5/2/2021
Barcode: 0095115219621 Catégories : , ,




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