The Frederick Septimus Kelly Project – Alex Wilson

Harrison ‘…to the Unobservant, All Babies Seem Alike…’
Kelly Study No 1
Harrison ‘…the Touch of a Vanish’d Hand…’
Kelly Study No 8
Harrison ‘…an Absurd Little Wooden Boat…’
Kelly Monograph No 19
Harrison ‘Winning Gold’
Kelly Monograph No 18
Harrison ‘…Beethoven Worshippers Gasped…’
Kelly Study No 12
Harrison ‘…in the Light of a Clouded Half-moon…’
Kelly Monograph No 9
Kelly Monograph No 22
Harrison ‘One is One and All Alone and Ever More Shall be So!’
Kelly Study No 9
Harrison ‘To Dear Cleg’
Harrison ‘…a Sea of Lacerated Earth…’
Kelly Monograph No 15
Kelly Monograph No 24
Harrison ‘…a Rare and Beloved Creature…’

Alex Wilson

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 10/11/2023
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