100 Years Of Japanese Song, A Japanese Journey 3 – Charlotte De Rothschild

Okano Maple Trees
Yamada Swallows
Shimpei Nakayama Habu Harbour
Yamada Rokkyu
Shimpei Nakayama Song of the Shojoji Temple’s ‘Tanuki’
Yamada A Love Song About Sleet
Okano Night of the Clouded Moon
Hirota By the Old Castle of Komoro
Yamada Crab Tomalley
Roh Ogura Hometown
Yamada Lament
Kasei Yamada Soon Spring will Come
Nakada Found a Little Autumn
Dan Melody for Voice
Nakada Goodnight!
Dan Wisteria
Nakada The Unknown Door
Dan Hydrangea
Takemitsu The Unseen Child
Nakada The Daffodil
Dan Town of Flowers
Tomiko Funabashi Clouds
Sotaro Hiraoka Now it’s spring!
Man Arai I am a Thousand Winds

Charlotte De Rothschild, Adrian Farmer

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/9/2022
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