5 Original Albums – The Crusaders

Creole (Album Version)
Chain Reaction (Album Version)
I Felt The Love (1975 Album Version)
Mellow Out (Album Version)
Rainbow Visions (Album Version)
Hallucinate (Album Version)
Give It Up (Album Version)
Hot’s It (Album Version)
Sugar Cane (Album Version)
Soul Caravan (Album Version)
Spiral (Album Version)
Keep that same old feeling (Album Version)
My Mama Told Me So (Album Version)
’til The Sun Shines (Album Version)
And Then There Was The Blues (Album Version)
Serenity (Album Version)
Feeling Funky (Album Version)
Free As The Wind (Album Version)
I Felt The Love
The Way We Was (Album Version)
Nite Crawler
Feel It (Album Version)
Sweet ‘N sour (Album Version)
River Rat (Album Version)
It Happens Everyday (Album Version)
Fairy Tales (Album Version)
Marcella’s Dream (Album Version)
Bayou Bottoms
Cosmic Reign
Covert Action
Snowflake (Album Version)
Street Life
My Lady
Rodeo Drive (High Steppin’)
Carnival Of The Night
The Hustler
Night Faces

The Crusaders

Format: 5 CD
Release date: 22/6/2018
Barcode: 0600753765807 Catégories : ,



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