A Consort’s Monument – L’Achéron

Coperario Fantasia II a 6 in F major; O voi che sospirate a 5
Lawes Almaine a 3 in D minor; Ayre a 6 in C minor
Monteverdi Rimanti in pace a 5 from “Terzo Libro de Madrigali, 1592)
Simpson May a 3 in A minor
Ferrabosco Four-Note Pavan a 6; Fantasia VI a 6 in C major
Ward Fantasia VII a 6 in C minor
Jenkins Newarke Seidge a 4 in D major; Fantasia III a 6 in C minor
Lupo Fantasia X a 6 in A minor
Deering Fantasia III a 5 in A minor
White Fantasia II a 6 in D minor
Improvisation upon a Ground in B flat major nach Christopher Simpson; Präludium (Improvisation) & Gray’s Inn; Präludium & Fortune my foe (Improvisation)

L’Achéron, François Joubert-Caillet

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/4/2020
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