Abzu – Austin Wintory

To know, water (“Abzû”)
Heaven was not named (“Abzû”)
Seriola lalandi (“Abzû”)
And the Earth did not yet bear a name (“Abzû”)
Delphinus delphis (“Abzû”)
No field was formed (“Abzû”)
Caranx ignobilis (“Abzû”)
Myliobatis aquila (“Abzû”)
No destinies ordained (“Abzû”)
Balaenoptera musculus (“Abzû”)
Architeuthis (“Abzû”)
Chaos, the mother (“Abzû”)
Arandaspis prionotolepis (“Abzû”)
Elasmosaurus platyurus (“Abzû”)
Ichthyosaurus communis (“Abzû”)
Osteoglossum bicirrhosum (“Abzû”)
Their waters were mingled together (“Abzû”)
Then were created the Gods in the midst of Heaven (“Abzû”)

Austin Wintory

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/4/2018
Barcode: 0030206745382 Categories: ,




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