Bedrich Smetana Collection

Má Vlast
Wallenstein’s Camp
Hakon Jarl
Richard III
The Bartered Bride Overture
Three Dances (Polka: The Bartered Bride: Three Dances (Polka, Furiant, Skocná – Dance of the Comedians)
Doctor Faust Overture
The Peasant Woman (Venkovanka)
Nasim devám, polka for orchestra in D major
Festive Symphony in E major, Op. 6
Festive Overture in C (Slavnostní predehra)
Festive Overture in D major, Op. 4
The Prague Carnival – Introduction & Polonaise
March of the National Guard
Solemn March for Shakespeare Celebrations
String Quartet No. 1 in E minor ‘From My Life’
String Quartet No. 2 in D minor
Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 15
Andante in E flat major B97
Pensée fugitive
Album Leaves, Op. 2
Album Leaves, Op. 3
Sketches, Op. 4
Sketches, Op. 5
Album Leaves
Czech dances for piano, books 1 & 2 (14)
The Bartered Bride

Roberto Plano, Antonin Kubalek, Annelies Burmeister, Anny Schlemm, Ruth Lange, Günther Leib, Fred Teschler, Theo Adam, Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, Stamitz Quartet, Staatskapelle Dresden, Theodore Kuchar, Otmar Suitner

Format: 8 CD
Release date: 1/5/2023
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