Bernard Foccroulle: E Vidi Quattro Stelle – Ouri Bronchti

Departure from Hell at dawn
Along the Shore (canto I)
Dante and Virgil Climb the Mountain (canto IV)
The Meeting with a Crowd of Sinners Who Died Violent Deaths (canto V)
In the Smoke of the Wrathful (cantos XV-XVI-XVIII)
Dante’s Dream (canto XXIII)
Dante Finds Beatrice (canto XXX)
The Accusations of Beatrice and Dante’s Loss of Consciousness (canto XXXI)
Matelda Bathes Dante in the Waters of Lethe – Dance of the Four Fair Ladies (canto XXXI)
The Sun, Slower and more Blazing than before, Arrives at its Noonday Zenith (canto XXXIII)
Revived and Refreshed, Dante is Ready to Ascend to the Stars (end of canto XXXIII / Purgatorio)

Ouri Bronchti, InAlto, Nikolay Borchev, Alice Foccroulle

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/8/2020
Barcode: 5400439007628 Catégories : ,



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