Bernstein: The Symphonies – Antonio Pappano

Sinfonie Nr. 1 “Jeremiah” (für Gesang und Orchester)
1. Prophecy: Largamente
2. Profanation: Vivace con brio
3. Lamentation: Lento
Sinfonie Nr. 2 “The Age of Anxiety”
1. The Prologue: Lento moderato (1. Teil)
2. The Seven Ages: Variation 1: L’istesso tempo
3. The Seven Ages: Variation 2: Poco più mosso
4. The Seven Ages: Variation 3: Largamente, ma mosso
5. The Seven Ages: Variation 4: Più mosso
6. The Seven Ages: Variation 5: Agitato
7. The Seven Ages: Variation 6: Poco meno mosso
8. The Seven Ages: Variation 7: L’istesso tempo
9. The Seven Stages: Variation 8: Molto moderato, ma movendo
10. The Seven Stages: Variation 9: Più mosso (Tempo di valse)
11. The Seven Stages: Variation 10: Più mosso
12. The Seven Stages: Variation 11: L’isteeso tempo
13. The Seven Stages: Variation 12: Poco più vivace
14. The Seven Stages: Variation 13: L’istesso tempo
15. The Seven Stages: Variation 14: Poco più vivace
16. The Dirge: Largo (2. Teil)
17. The Masque: Extremely fast
18. The Epilogue: L’istesso tempo
Sinfonie Nr. 3 “Kaddish”
1a. Invocation: Adagio
1b. Kaddish 1: L’istesso tempo – Allegro molto
2a. Din-Torah: Di nuovo adagio
2b. Kaddish 2: Andante con tenerezza
3a. Scherzo: Presto scherzando, sempre pianissimo
3b. Kaddish 3
3c. Finale: Adagio come nel “Din-Torah”
Fuga: Allegro vivo con gioia
Präludium, Fuge und Riffs (für Klarinette und Jazzensemble) (1. Fassung)
Präludium für Blechbläser
Fuge für Saxofone
Riffs for Everyone

Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Beatrice Rana, Nadine Sierra, Alessandro Carbonare, Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Antonio Pappano

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 7/9/2018
Barcode: 0190295661588 Catégories : , , ,


   in Classical Music (Jan, 2019)
Pappano’s Proms performance with this orchestra of the Jeremiah Symphony felt swiftand direct. His reading here, recorded several months earlier, leaves a similar impression. While the central Prophanation fizzes brilliantly, contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux is overbearingly over-vibratoed in the final Lamentation.

The Age of Anxiety features the superb Italian pianist Beatrice Rana; is there higher praise than to state she loses little to Krystian Zimerman with Rattle? (Bernstein’s own pianists in his three recordings, incidentally, were the thoughtful Entremont, and Lukas Foss, twice). Rana takes Pappano’s performance to a higher level, always incredibly sensitive, though her ‘jazz’ is a bit careful. Pappano conducts well if not radiantly.

The Kaddish, heard here in …
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