Biber: Sacred And Profane (Collectors Ed.) – McCreesh

Ein langer und schöner Aufzug Ein schöner Aufzug by Pater Ignatius Augustiner
Fanfare I Riedl + Fanfare II Augustiner (Original Version)
Missa Salisburgensis
Kyrie (Original Version)
Gloria (Original Version)
Sonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes: Sonata XII (Original Version)
Credo (Original Version)
Sonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes: Sonata V (Original Version)
Sanctus – Benedictus (Original Version)
Agnus Dei (Original Version)
Sonata Sancti Polycarpi (Original Version)
Motet “Plaudite tympana” (Original Version)
Mass in B à 6
Kyrie (Original Version)
Gloria (Original Version)
Sonata XIII
Credo (Original Version)
Peccator and consolator (à 2)
Sanctus (Original Version)
Praeludium legatura
Agnus Dei (Original Version)
Ave verum corpus (à 6)
Sonata II
Requiem in F minor
Introitus (Performing Edition by Paul McCreesh)
Kyrie (Performing Edition by Paul McCreesh)
Dies irae (Performing Edition by Paul McCreesh)
Domine Jesu Christe (Performing Edition by Paul McCreesh)
Sanctus (Performing Edition by Paul McCreesh)
Agnus Dei (Performing Edition by Paul McCreesh)
Lux aeterna (Performing Edition by Paul McCreesh)
Media vita in morte sumus (à 6)
Sonata I: The Annunciation from: 15 Mystery Sonatas
Original Version
Sonata II: The Visitation (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata III: The Nativity (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata IV: The Presentation (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata V: The Finding In The Temple (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata VI: The Agony In The Garden (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata VII: The Scourging Of Jesu (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata VIII: The Crowning Of Jesus With Thorns (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata IX: Jesus Carries His Cross (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata X: The Crucifixion (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata XI: The Resurrection (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata XII: The Ascension (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata XIII: The Descent Of The Holy Ghost (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata XIV: The Assumption Of Our Lady (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Sonata XV: The Crowning Of The Blessed Virgin Mary (From: 15 Mystery Sonatas)
Passacaglia g-moll
Mensa sonora (Original Version)
1. Sonata. Grave – Allegro (PARS I in D major)
2. Allamanda (PARS I in D major)
3. Courante (PARS I in D major)
4. Sarabanda (PARS I in D major)
5. Gavotte (PARS I in D major)
6. Gigue – Sonatina. Adagio (PARS I in D major)
1. Intrada. Alla breve (PARS II in F major)
2. Balletto. Alla breve (PARS II in F major)
3. Sarabanda (PARS II in F major)
4. Balletto. Alla breve (PARS II in F major)
5. Sarabanda (PARS II in F major)
6. Balletto. Alla breve (PARS II in F major)
1. Gagliarda. Allegro (PARS III in A minor)
2. Sarabanda (PARS III in A minor)
3. Aria (PARS III in A minor)
4. Ciacona (PARS III in A minor)
5. Sonatina. Adagio – Presto (PARS III in A minor)
Sonata violino solo representativa in A major
Sonata. Allegro (Original Version)
Die Nachtigall the nightingale (Original Version)
Cucu (Original Version)
Der Frosch the frog (Original Version)
Allegro: Die Henne. Der Hahn the hen and the cock (Original Version)
Adagio: Die Wachtel the quail (Original Version)
Die Katz the cat (Original Version)
Musketier-Marsch musketeer march (Original Version)
Allemande (Original Version)
Mensa sonora (Original Version)
1. Sonata. Grave – Allegro – Adagio (PARS IV in B flat major)
2. Allamanda (PARS IV in B flat major)
3. Courante (PARS IV in B flat major)
4. Balletto (PARS IV in B flat major)
5. Sarabanda (PARS IV in B flat major)
6. Gigue. Presto (PARS IV in B flat major)
7. Sonatina. Adagio (PARS IV in B flat major)
1. Intrada. Allegro (PARS V in E major)
2. Balletto (PARS V in E major)
3. Trezza (PARS V in E major)
4. Gigue (PARS V in E major)
5. Gavotte. Alla breve (PARS V in E major)
6. Gigue (PARS V in E major)
7. Retirada (PARS V in E major)
1. Sonata. Adagio – Presto (PARS VI in G minor)
2. Aria (PARS VI in G minor)
3. Canario. Presto (PARS VI in G minor)
4. Amener (PARS VI in G minor)
5. Trezza (PARS VI in G minor)
6. Ciacona (PARS VI in G minor)
7. Sonatina. Adagio – Presto (PARS VI in G minor)
Harmonia artificioso-ariosa (Original Version)
Sonata. Adagio – Presto – Adagio (Partita I)
Allamande (Partita I)
Gigue – Variatio I & II (Partita I)
Aria (Partita I)
Sarabande – Variatio I & II – Finale. Presto (Partita I)
Praeludium (Partita II)
Allamande – Variatio (Partita II)
Balletto. Allegro (Partita II)
Aria. Presto (Partita II)
Gigue. Presto (Partita II)
Praeludium. Allegro (Partita III)
Allamande (Partita III)
Amener. Presto (Partita III)
Balletto (Partita III)
Gigue (Partita III)
Ciacona canon in unisono (Partita III)
Sonata. Adagio – Allegro – Adagio (Partita IV)
Allamande (Partita IV)
Trezza. Presto (Partita IV)
Aria (Partita IV)
Canaria (Partita IV)
Gigue. Presto (Partita IV)
Pollicinello. Presto (Partita IV)
Intrada. Alla breve (Partita V)
Aria. Adagio (Partita V)
Balletto. Presto (Partita V)
Gigue (Partita V)
Passacaglia. Adagio – Allegro – Adagio (Partita V)
Praeludium. Adagio – Allegro (Partita VI)
Aria – Variatio I-XIII (Partita VI)
Finale. Adagio – Allegro (Partita VI)
Praeludium. Grave – Presto (Partita VII)
Allamande (Partita VII)
Sarabande (Partita VII)
Gigue. Presto (Partita VII)
Aria (Partita VII)
Trezza (Partita VII)
Arietta variata (Partita VII)

Various Artists / McCreesh, Paul – Goebel, Reinhard

Format: 7 CD
Release date: 1/1/2016
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