Birtwistle, H.: Slow Frieze Antiphonies

Antiphones (für Klavier und Orchester) (1992)
Slow Frieze (1996)
Panic (1995)
Crowd (für Harfe) (2005)

Hodges, Weiss, Schreiber / Asbury, Stefan – Brabbins, Martyn – De Roo, Kasper

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 14/9/2015
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   in Classical Music (Nov, 2015)
Three large-scale works from the nineties, with a more recent work for solo harp as a (bracing) sorbet. The ever-impressive Hodges is commanding in Antiphonies, more assured than Joanna MacGregor, and its pairing with Slow Frieze makes perfect sense. While it is good to have an alternative to Andrew Davis’s pioneering recording of Panic, Windkraft Tirol under Kasper de Roo is not quite in the same league. Harpist Antonia Schreiber is excellent in the sparse, brooding Crowd. …

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