Blood Diamond (OST) – James Newton Howard

Blood Diamond titles (“Blood Diamond”)
Crossing the bridge (“Blood Diamond”)
Village attack (“Blood Diamond”)
Ruf kidnaps Dia (“Blood Diamond”)
Archer & Solomon hike (“Blood Diamond”)
Maddy & Archer (“Blood Diamond”)
Solomon finds a family (“Blood Diamond”)
Fall of Freetown (“Blood Diamond”)
Did you bury it? (“Blood Diamond”)
Archer sells diamond (“Blood Diamond”)
Goodbyes (“Blood Diamond”)
Your son is gone (“Blood Diamond”)
Diamond mine bombed (“Blood Diamond”)
Solomon’s helping hand (“Blood Diamond”)
G8 conference (“Blood Diamond”)
Solomon & Archer escape (“Blood Diamond”)
I can carry you (“Blood Diamond”)
Your mother loves you (“Blood Diamond”)
Thought I’d never call? (“Blood Diamond”)
London (“Blood Diamond”)
Solomon Vandy (“Blood Diamond”)
Ankala (“Blood Diamond”)
Baai (“Blood Diamond”)
When da dawgs come out to play (Album Version) (“Blood Diamond”)

James Newton Howard

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 16/11/2019
Barcode: 0030206678024 Categories: ,



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