Boston Symphony Commissions – Andris Nelsons

Nathan the space of a door (2016)
Tsontakis Sonets (2016)
Nr. 1 When to the sessions of sweet silent thought (Sonet 30)
Nr. 2 When I do count the clock that tells the time (Sonet 12)
Nr. 3 Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore (Sonet 60) (Rondo)
Nr. 4 So you are to my thoughts as food to life (Sonet 75)
Andres Everything happens so much (2016)
Shepherd Express abstractionism (2017)
1. dense bubbles, or: Calder, or: the origin of life on earth
2. Richter, or: the rainbow inside a bolt of lightning
3. Kandinsky, and: marble, and: Krasner
4. the sun, or: the moon, or: Mondrian

Robert Sheena, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Andris Nelsons

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/11/2019
Barcode: 0636943987421 Catégories : , ,



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