Chopin: Complete Nocturnes – Ingrid Fliter

Ingrid Fliter

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 1/10/2018
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   in Piano International (Jan, 2019)
Chopin’s Nocturnes were written at various stages between about 1830 and the final brace (Op 62) in 1846. They are generally grouped together and often form pairs in neighbouring keys (Op 15, F and F-sharp major; Op 27, C-sharp minor, D-flat major), offering subtle differences in character; the tritonal opposition of C minor and F-sharp minor (Op 48) is as rare as Op 55’s conventional E and B major. Jim Samson’s booklet traces the Nocturnes’ history chronologically, pair by pair, starting with the E minor Op 72/1 (c1830) and the three Op 9, completed the following year.

It is curious, then, that Ingrid Fliter chose to re-sequence the 20 works, omitting …
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