Choral Music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – London Choral Sinfonia

Sacred Choral Works Te Deum Laudamus; The Lord is my strength; In thee, O Lord; Jubilate Deo; O ye that love the Lord; Benedictus; By the waters of Babylon; Arietta; Lift up your heads; Magnificat; Nunc Dimittis; Now late on the sabbath Day
Secular Choral Works Sea Drift; By the lone Sea Shore; Whispers of Summer; The Evening Star; Elegy; The Lee Shore; Song of Proserpine; Summer is gone; Melody; Viking Song

James Orford, London Choral Sinfonia, Michael Waldron

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/6/2023
Barcode: 5060189562473 Catégories : , ,



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