Classic Film Music – Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

Proto: Introduction
Main Theme from Star Wars (From Movie “Star Wars”)
The Empire Strikes Back: The Imperial March
Return Of The Jedi: Luke & Leia
Superman: Theme
Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Raiders’ March
Main Theme from Star Trek (From Movie “Star Trek”)
Main Theme from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (From Movie “Close
E.T.: The Bicycle Chase
E.T.: The Departure
Proto: Conclusion
King Kong – Titelmelodie
Robin Hood – Robin Hood And His Merry Men
Ich Kämpfe Um Dich – Suite
Gabilan, Mein Bester Freund
Sunset Boulevard – Suite
Endstation Sensucht – Suite
Ein Platz An Der Sonne – Suite
Die Faust Im Nacken
Der unsichtbare Dritte – Ouverture
El Cid – Ouverture
Wer Die Nachtigal Stört – Titelmelodie
Taras Bulba – Der Ritt Der Kossaken
Star Of Bethlehem / Adoration Of The Magic
Rowing Of The Galley Slaves
Parade Of The Charioteers
Miracle And Finale
Ave Caesar March
Fertility Hymn
Assyrian Dance
Marcus And Lygia
Miracle And Finale
Roman Legions
The Feast Of Passover
Herod’s Feast
Miracles Of Christ
The Lord’s Prayer
Resurrection And Finale
El Cid (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Fanfare and Entry of the Nobles
Hook (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Themes
Jurassic Park (Filmmusik) (Auszug): T. Rex!
Jurassic Park (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Jurassic Park Main Themes
Splitting Hairs
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Titles
Henry V (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Opening and Closing Titles
Willow (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Themes
The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Overture
The Abyss (Filmmusik) (Auszug): End Titles
Clash of the Titans (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Titles Love Theme and E
The Rocketeer (Filmmusik) (Auszug): To the Rescue and End Titles
Beetlejuice (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Titles
Total Recall (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Titles
The Princess Bride (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Titles
Wizards and Warriors (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Main Titles
Conan the Barbarian (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Anvil of Crom
The Hunt for Red October (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Hymn to red October
Terminator (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Thema
Jurassic Park (Filmmusik) (Auszug): Jurassic Lunch
Theme from Mission Impossible (From Movie “Mission Impossible”)
Suite (aus “Batman Forever”): Main Title and Fanfare
Suite (aus “Batman Forever”): Fledermausmarschmusik
Suite (aus “Batman Forever”): Gotham City Boogie
Suite (aus “Batman Forever”): Batterdämmerung
Die Apollo 13 Mission
Re-entry and splashdown (From Movie “Apollo 13”)
Express Bus to L.A.
Main Title from Speed (From Movie “Speed”)
Roll tide (From Movie “Crimson Tide”)
F-16 Fighter Squadron – Into the Battle
Suite from Independence Day (From Movie “Independence Day”)
End Credits from Braveheart (From Movie “Braveheart”)
End Credits from Cutthroat Island (From Movie “Cutthroat Island”)
Tornado Terror
The house visit (“Twister”)
Main Title from Der letzte Mohikaner (From Movie “Der letzte Mohikaner
Finale from Dragonheart (From Movie “Dragonheart”)
The Remora (aus “Executive Decision”)
Going Home (From Movie “Stargate”)
Library Stampede
Suite from Jumanji (From Movie “Jumanji”)
Main Theme from Gettysburg (From Movie “Gettysburg”)
Bovine Barnstorm

Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Erich Kunzel

Format: 5 CD
Release date: 8/3/2019
Barcode: 0888072075993 Catégories : ,



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