Dis-Moi Vénus… L’Amour Sous Louis XV – Marie Perbost

Arias by Rameau, Mondonville, Rebel, Francoeur, Niel & Mouret

Marie Perbost, Choeur de l’Opera Royal, Orchestre de l’Opera Royal, Gaétan Jarry

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 22/9/2023
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Venus, goddess of sensuality and great orchestrator of pleasures, pulls the strings of opera characters as if they were puppets in the land of Tendre. With great delectation, Marie Perbost invokes the goddess and the heroines of French opera from the century of Louis XV to embody all the victims of passions unleashed by Aphrodite. There are masterpieces and discoveries here, from the satirical mockery of Madness in Rameau’s Platee to the virtuosic pages of Mondonville in Les Fetes de Paphos. By turns pastoral and piquant, tender and burning, the divine Marie Perbost, supported by Gaetan Jarry, embraces all the music of love under Louis XV. A medley of jesting and fleeting romances, grace and libertinism, experience the delirium of the senses titillated by Eros and Cupid!

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