Edward Gregson: Music Of The Angels – Rumon Gamba

Fanfare for a New Era
Symphony in Two Movements
I Toccata
II Variations [Theme]
Variation 1. Fast and mercurial
Variation 2. Strict Tempo, menacingly
Variation 3. As the Beginning, but serenely
Variation 4. Fast, with energy
Three Dance Episodes
I Molto allegro
II Andante con espressione
III Vivace
Flourish For An Occasion
Fanfare for PL
Quintet for Brass
I Andante Sostenuto
II Allegro, molto ritmico
Aria for Philip
Music of the Angels
Slow and Sombre –
Slowly, with a sense of desolation –
Faster –
Cadenza –
Fast, with energy

London Brass, Rumon Gamba

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 17/4/2020
Barcode: 0095115212721 Catégories : , ,



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