(Ex)tradition – The Curious Bards

trad. The Lads of Elgin (reel) – The Highlandman kissed his mother (reel) – The Fyket (reel)
trad. Sr. Ulick Burk (reel) – The Soup of Good Drink (jig) – The High Road to Dublin (jig)
trad. Rakes of Westmeath (Irish tune with variations)
trad. Since sounding drums (Irish Air)
trad. The March -They Mend their Pace – The Battle Begins – The Height of the Battle – The Preparation for a Retreat – The Chief is Killed – The Retreat – The Lamentation for the Chief
trad. Lady Herriot Hopes (reel) – Sir Adam Ferguson’s reel (or Lads of Laois) – Bonny Lads (reel)
O’Carolan John Nugent (jig) – Bumper Squire Jones (jig)
trad. Rakes of Mallow (Irish tune with variations) – Reel of Tulloch (Scottish tune with variations)
trad. Mary O’Neill (jiig) – The Lads of Dunse (jig) – Port Patrick (jig)
trad. Kilkenny is a handsome place (Irish song)
trad. Raddire en Ougnish – Marquis of Huntly’s strathspey – Mr Jo Reid’s reel
trad. King of the Blind
anon. A Set of 3 Scottish Airs
trad. Lady Anne Bothwell’s lament (Scottish song)

The Curious Bards

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 24/11/2023
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