Henry Purcell: Ayres & Songs From Orpheus Britannicus, Harmonia Sacra, Complete Organ Works – Jill Feldman

Ah! Belinda, I am prest Z 626/3a
From rosie bow’rs Z 578/9
Musick for a while Z 583/2
Fly swift, ye hours Z 369
Strike the viol Z 323/5a
Sweeter than roses Z 585/1
I attempt from love’s sickness Z 630/17h
Mad Bess of Bedlam Z 370 (From silent Shades)
Whilst I with grief did on you look Z 610
What a sad fate is mine Z 428 B
Ah! How sweet it is to love Z 613/2
Since from my dear Astrea’s sight Z 627/App. 2
Ye gentle spirits of the air Z 629/21
Thrice happy lovers Z 629/39b
Hark! How all things Z 629/47b
‘Tis nature’s voice Z 328/4
Fairest isle Z 628/38
Dear pritty youth Z 631/10
Oh! Lead me to some peacefull gloom Z 574/17
The cares of lovers Z 632/17
If Music be the Food of Love Z 379
Voluntary g-moll Z 720
Thou Wakeful Shepherd Z 198
Lord, what is Man Z 192
Voluntary d-moll Z 718
How long, great God Z 189
In the black dismal dungeon of despair Z 190
O Solitude Z 406
Voluntary C-Dur Z 714
The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation Z 196 (Tell me, some pitying Angel)
Voluntary d-moll Z 719 (for the Double Organ)
The Earth trembled Z 197
With sick and famished eyes Z 200
Verse F-Dur Z 716
Full of Wrath, his threatening Breath Z 185
Voluntary A-Dur Z 721 (On the Old Hundred Psalm Tune)
Sleep, Adam, sleep and take thy Rest Z 195
Now that the Sun hath veil’d his Light Z 193 (Evening Hymn)

Jill Feldman, Nigel North, Sarah Cunningham, Davitt Moroney

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 1/4/2017
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   in Choir & Organ (Jan, 2018)
As the long title indicates, here are three significant collections presented across two CDs. The first is a compilation of pieces from the posthumous publication of Purcell songs, all beautifully accompanied with viol and archlute. The second disc intersperses songs from the Harmonia Sacra with the complete organ works. Of particular interest here is the Thomas Dallam organ from the late 17th century. Built by the grandson of the famous English builder of the same name, this instrument brings us as close to the sound of 17th-century England as we can hope for. Jill Feldman deftly delivers Purcell’s dramatic and often quirky writing with wonderful expression. …

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