Janacek: Piano & Chamber Works – Kubelik

Tema con variazioni Zdenka-Variations
Tema. Andante – Variazioni I – VII (Original Version)
On an overgrown path Po zarostl?m chodnicku
1. Nase vecery Our evenings (Original Version)
2. Listek odvanuty A leaf blown away (Original Version)
3. Pojdte s nami! Come with us! (Original Version)
4. Frydeck? Panna Maria The Madonna of Frydek (Original Version)
5. Stebetaly jak lastovicky They chattered like swallows (Original Version)
6. Nelze domluvit! Words fail! (Original Version)
7. Dobrou noc! Good night! (Original Version)
8. Tak neskonale uzko Unutterable anguish (Original Version)
9. V placi In tears (Original Version)
10. Sycek neodletel! The barn owl has not flown away! (Original Version)
11. Andante (Original Version)
12. Allegretto (Original Version)
13. Pi? mosso (Original Version)
14. Vivo (Original Version)
15. Allegro – Adagio (Original Version)
Reminiscence (Vzpominka) für piano solo
Sonata 1.X.1905 From the street [Piano]
1. Predtucha (Original Version)
2. Smrt (Original Version)
In the Mists V mlh?ch
1. Andante (Original Version)
2. Molto adagio (Original Version)
3. Andantino (Original Version)
4. Presto (Original Version)
Concertino für piano and chamber orchestra
1. Moderato (Original Version)
2. Pi? mosso (Original Version)
3. Con moto (Original Version)
4. Allegro (Original Version)
1. Allegro (Original Version)
2. Adagio (Original Version)
3. Allegretto (Original Version)
4. Andante (Original Version)

Kubelik, Rafael

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 29/10/1997
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