Jean Sibelius: Complete Incidental Music – Turku Philharmonic Orchestra / Segerstam

Schwanenweiß op. 54 (Schauspielmusik): Suite
1. A horn signal in the distance: Largo
2. Be silent, dove, my Prince is coming: Comodo
3. A swan flies past: Adagio
4. Now the harp begins to play: Lento assai
5. A white swan flies past: Adagio
6. Swanwhite’s mother: Lento – Comodo – Lento – Allegro
7. The harp falls briefly silent and strikes up a new melody: Andantino
8. Elsewhere: Andante
9. Stepmother (Where is the bride?): Lento
10. The golden clouds become rose red: Moderato
11. Swanwhite: Allegretto
12. Fire at the castle: Largamente
13. Now the harp plays: Adagio
14. All bend their knees as if in thanks and praise: Largamente molto
Ödlan (The lizard) op. 8 (Schauspielmusik)
Ett ensamt skidspår (A lonely ski trail)
Grevinnans Konterfej (Das Portrait der Gräfin)

Leif Turku Philharmonic Orchestra / Segerstam

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/10/2015
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