John Corigliano: The Ghosts Of Versailles – Joseph Colaneri

Mon coursier hors d’haleine
All powerful Queen of Beauty and ruler of my willing heart
They are always with me
My wife was always hard to please
There’s Figaro! – Here we go again!
They wish they could kill me
Bravo, Beaumarchais! Brilliant!
Magic! It is Paris. the autumn of ninety-three
And, with the one million pounds, grant Her Majesty a safe refuge in the New World
Fool! Idiot! Moron!
I can’t wait to betray Almaviva
Oh, the lion may roar, and the eagle may soar
I remember, Master, I remember!
Poor Florestine, I pity her
New scene – They say New York is a lively town
Cherubino, Cherubino – Now we go back in time
Look at the gree here in the glade
I’ve had enough!
His Excellency, the English Ambassador
I am in the valley and you are in the valley
Oomri! Limatha hajartani?
Tafaddaloo marhaben bi koom
Hurry! Hurry! It’s late! The second act is beginning!
Watch. Now Figaro comes back
Wait! Figaro was supposed to return the necklace!
Damn that Figaro! He’s your husband
As summer brings a wistful breeze
And now I must go – Bless you, madam, bless you
What is happening?
Antoinette, we want your head!
Marie Antoinette of Lorraine and Austria
Monarchy. Revolution. It’s all the same to me
Welcome, Madeleine, Welcome
Remember in the chestnut trees in the gardens of the Tuileries ?
I hope I’m not too late for your party
I am very well, my dear Marquis
O God of Love, O Lord of Light
We are finished!
Look, her breathing is diminished
Goodbye, Figaro. Goodbye Beaumarchais.
No, Beaumarchais
Come, Antonia

Teresa Perrotta, Jonathan Bryan, Kayla Siembieda, Ben Schaefer, Choir of the Glimmerglass Festival, Orchestre de l’Opera Royal, Joseph Colaneri

Format: 3 CD/DVD
Release date: 1/5/2021
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