La Chapelle royale du château de Versailles : Deux siècles d’orgue

2 Siècles d’orgue à la Chapelle Royale Versaille Lebègue, Thomelin, Nivers, Couperin, Marchand…

J-B. Robin, M. Bouvard, F. Desenclos F. Espinasse, orgue

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 4/6/2013
Barcode: 3760014199509 Catégories : , ,


   in Choir & Organ (Nov, 2013)
Built by Clicquot and Tribuot for the inauguration of the Royal Chapel in the palace of Versailles, the Great Organ has survived revolution, war and neglect courtesy of substantial rebuilds in 1875 by Cavaille-Coll and 1995 by Boisseau and Cattiaux. This two-disc set, part of a series showcasing the instrument, features, in a nod to Louis XIV, four soloists who currently share the organist’s seat in Versailles. Admirably incisive though the quartet’s playing is, the programme is a somewhat frustrating compendium of (admittedly attractive) extracts and miniatures by the likes of Francois Couperin, Dandrieu, Nivers and their peers. Copiously illustrated, the booklet offers no information on the music. …
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