Meyerbeer: Grand Opera – Diana Damrau

Diana Damrau, Orchestre de l’Opera National de Lyon, Emmanuel Villaume

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 5/5/2017
Barcode: 0190295849016 Catégories : , ,


   in Opera Now (Jun, 2017)
Meyerbeer wasn’t a composer who seemed overly interested in offering his characters moments of great soul-searching. They tend to be placed against momentous events, to which they react or by which they are swept along until they glug beneath the waves. As a young singer, Diana Damrau performed some of the composer’s works and has long cherished a desire to investigate and record more. We can be grateful, as her new disc, Grand Opera, is a valuable addition to the Meyerbeer revival we are currently enjoying. Damrau tackles not just the old coloratura war-horses from Les Huguenots and Le Pardon de Ploërmel (Dinorah), but also delves into the obscurities of …
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