Perfect Moods: Contemplative, contemporary piano miniatures

Baal Hasulam Melodies of the Upper Worlds (Draw Close To Me; You Saved My Soul; Have Pity On Your Deeds; Melody; The Sons Of King’s Palace; Passover Meal; The Creator Hides In Secrecy; Accept Our Prayers; Like Matter In His Hands; The Assembly Of Sages; David’s Song; To Proclaim In The Morning About Your Mercy; Consecreation; Saint; Beloved Of The Soul)
Haro Stepanian Preludes opp. 47, 48, 63; Preludes in F minor & in A major
Valentin Silvestrov Naive Musik; Der Bote; 2 Waltzer op. 153; 4 Stücke op. 2; 2 Bagatellen op. 173; Kitschmusik
Philip Glass Glassworlds 4 (The Hours; Modern Love Waltz; Notes On A Scandal; Music in Fifths)
Tanya Ekanayaka Twelve Piano Prisms (in E flat major – July 2016 / 17; in B flat major – Armenia to a Pearl; in C major – Emerald Lapwing Karpet; in D flat major – Intuition, Auld Lang Syne & an Asian Sacred; in G major – With Paaru Kavi; in F major – Renewal & Goyam Kapuma; in E major – Arrow-and; in A major – Zuni Sea; in A flat major Sinctilla – Komitas Unto Childhood; in B flat major – Of Vannam & Zhuang Tai Qiu; in F sharp major – Kitty & Bambaru; in D major – Hana Hare)

Mikael Ayrapetyan, Elisaveta Blumina, Nicolas Horvath, Tanya Ekanayaka

Format: 6 CD
Release date: 1/9/2022
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