Play The Game

Hill: Cycling Song
Gallatly: A Rugger Song
Drummond: The Eton Boating Song
Watson (H): The Glorious Twelfth
Preston-Thomas: The Cricketer’s Carol
Ardelle: Won’t You Come Over & Play Croquet
Kendall: A Game Of Tennis
Pether: Our Football Suppér
Barri: The Rivel Blues
Ball (H): The Newmarket Coat
Macy: Little Tommy Went A Fishing
Schartau: Caddie
Junior: I Won Her Heart At Billiards
Corbett: Captain Webb The Champion Swimmer
Kerbusch: Mountaineer Song
Chilvers: Boxing Song
Silver: A Hunting Morning

Partridge, Ian

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 27/3/2015
Barcode: 0806400100025 Catégories : ,



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