Portraits – Frank De Vol

Stranger in paradise
Around the world
Moments to remember
Golden earrings
Together wherever we go
The chosen few
On the street where you live
My foolish heart
The “Third man” theme
Just tell me you love me
It’s been so long
My heart cries for you
Unchained melody
You belong to me
Got a locket in my pocket
The real thing
Chances are
Love letters
The yellow rose of Texas
Say one for me
I couldn’t care less
Just what I wanted for Christmas
The secret of Christmas
An affair to remember
True love
Whatever will be, will be (Que Sera Sera)
Love letters in the sand
This year’s kisses
Dream peddler’s serenade
Great guns
I wake up smiling (After dreaming of you)
Silver moon
The meadows of heaven
The four winds and the seven seas
When I grow too old to dream
Keep it a secret
Hi Lili, hi Lo
Wonderful one
I’ll see you again
Honky tonk ten-cent dance
(You dyed your hair) Chartreuse
In a little Spanish town
Shadow waltz
Every time I meet you
It happens every Spring
Lotta Piccicato
Street in Manhattan
Southwest territory
Instrument factory
Inspiration point

Frank De Vol

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 4/3/2010
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