Producers (OST) – Mel Brooks

The Plot (by Zero Mostel & Gene Wilder)
Bialystock Seduces Bloom (by Mostel & Wilder)
The World’s Worst Play (by Mostel & Wilder)
Franz Leibkind (by Mostel, Wilder, Madlyn Cates & Kenneth Mars)
Little Old Ladyland (by Mostel, Wilder, Mary Love, Amelie Barleon, Nell Harrison & Elsie Kirk)
Ulla-“That’s a Toy?” (by Mostel, Wilder & Lee Meredith)
The Producers
The World’s Worst Director (by Mostel, Wilder, Andreas Voutsinas & Christopher Hewett)
Auditioning 100 “Hitlers” (by Hewett, Arthur Rubin, Zale Kessler, Bernie Allen, Rusty Bitz & Anthony Gardell)
Love Power (by Dick Shawn)
Opening Night: Lobby, Overture (by Mostel, Wilder & John Zoller)
Springtime for Hitler
Adolph and Eva (by René Taylor & Dick Shawn) / Bialystock and Bloom at Bar (by Mostel, Wilder)
Background Music – Bar Scene
Where Did I Go Right? (by Mostel, Wilder, Hewett, Mars)

Mel Brooks

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 9/10/2003
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