Ravel: Piano Concertos

Piano Concerto in G
1. Allegramente (Original Version)
2. Adagio assai (Original Version)
3. Presto (Original Version)
Ballade In F Sharp, Op.19
Piano Concerto for the left hand in D
1. Lento (Original Version)
2. Allegro (Original Version)
3. Tempo I (Original Version)

Wang, Yuja / Bringuier, Lionel

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 1/11/2015
Barcode: 0028947949541 Catégories : , ,


   in Piano International (Jan, 2016)
Yuja Wang made her made her European debut with the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra, so this disc of Ravel and solo Faure (Wang’s first all-French album) holds some documentary value as well as offering fine performances. The major problem, it turns out, comes from the engineers: the orchestra is placed too far back in both concertos. A shame, as there is clear rapport between Wang and her conductor Lionel Bringuier and, despite the placing, it is clear that orchestral balance and detail is carefully considered.

In the G major (up against the likes of Michelangeli and Zimerman, of course), Wang acquits herself well, with perfect trills, so important in the first two …
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