Songs By Warlock And Howe – Anna Harvey

Peter Warlock Bright is the Ring of Words; Romance; The Lily Water; As ever I saw; The Bavly Berith the bell away; The Everlasting Voices; Queen Anne; The Birds; Balulalow; The Night; The First Mercy; Adam lay ybounden; Little Trotty Wagtail; Late Summer; The Magpie; Sleep; Autumn Twilight; And wilt thou leave me thus; The Contented Lover; Pretty Ring Time; Fair and true
Frederick Howe Master Kilby; The Banks of sweet Primroses; Bushes and Briars; Sweet William; Geordie; Six Dukes went a fishing; The Unquiet Grave; Farewell, my dearest Nancy; My Boy Willie

Anna Harvey, Mark Austin

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 22/7/2022
Barcode: 5065002228239 Catégories : , ,





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