Spotlight On The Corries – Corries

Flower of Scotland
Wild rover
Roving journeyman
Hills of Ardmorn
Katie Bairdie / Oor wee school
Ca’ the ewes
Gallus bloke
Highland lament
Twa corbies
The lowlands of Holland
Toon O’ Kelso
Haughs O’ Cromdale
Glenlyon lament
Cruel brother
The Bonnie Lass O’Fyvie
Ae fond kiss
Bring Back My Granny To Me / My Brother Bill’s A Fireman
Kishmul’s galley
Johnny lad
Sally free and easy
Lewis bridal song
Parcel O’ Rogues
The road to Dundee
Will ye go lassie go


Format: 1 CD
Release date: 19/5/2009
Barcode: 5017261207296 Categories: ,



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