The Blue Hour – A Far Cry

Nova Prologue
Grimes Opening
Negrón A black map
Grimes A memory
Shaw A syllable
Snider Angelica-balefire
Negrón Canticle
Negrón Dark
Snider Early summer’s green plums
Reading Even if by forgetting
Shaw Firmament
Shaw 1st Refrain
Nova Ghost swift
Snider He told her how
Negrón Her hair
Snider I am alone
Grimes In the toy store
Nova It appears to be an elegy
Shaw J’ai rêvé
Reading Keeping a record
Nova Library lilac
Snider My dear
Nova Nevertheless
Grimes Oil soap
Shaw Older than clocks
Grimes Poppy seed
Shaw 2nd Refrain
Snider She heard no one’s footsteps
Grimes Tendril
Shaw The ganglia
Negrón The hole
Grimes The name
Negrón The silence
Shaw Twirling
Shaw Vesture, vigil
Nova We are as paper
Snider Yet the women
Nova You are the ghost
Grimes Zero
Shaw 3rd Refrain

A Far Cry, Shara Nova

Format: 1 CD
You can pre-order this article, release is expected on 14/10/22
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