The Tudors At Prayer

Vox patris caelestis
Adhaesit pavimento
Tota pulchra es
Quemadmodum desiderat cervus
Adolescentulus sum ego
Domine, quis habitabit
Suspice, quanso Domine
Tribue, Domine

Magnificat / Philip Cave

Format: 1 SACD Hybrid
Release date: 1/5/2014
Barcode: 0691062044721 Catégories : ,


   in Choir & Organ (Jul, 2014)
The re-flowering of Marian devotion in mid-16th-century England evoked Mundy’s masterwork Vox Patris caelestis – 20 minutes of sublime polyphony captured, as is everything on this disc, with spacious, elegant, beautifully balanced, sustained and measured grace. Thoughtfully graded dynamics and subtle phrasing illuminate the often intricate architecture of these richly scored works until they glow in a ravishingly three-dimensional recording which does as much as is humanly possible to suggest the incense of devotional song, traversing the spiritual bridge between earthly and heavenly choirs. …

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