Trifonov Live – Trifonov

Piano Sonata No.2, in G sharp minor op.19 “Sonata Fantasy”
1. Andante (Original Version)
2. Presto (Original Version)
Piano Sonata In B Minor, S.178
Lento assai – Allegro energico (Original Version)
Andante sostenuto – (Original Version)
Allegro energico – Andante sostenuto – Lento assai (Original Version)
24 Préludes, Op.28
1. In C Major (Original Version)
2. In A Minor (Original Version)
3. In G Major (Original Version)
4. In E Minor (Original Version)
5. In D Major (Original Version)
6. In B Minor (Original Version)
7. In A Major (Original Version)
8. In F Sharp Minor (Original Version)
9. In E Major (Original Version)
10. In C Sharp Minor (Original Version)
11. In B Major (Original Version)
12. In G Sharp Minor (Original Version)
13. In F Sharp Major (Original Version)
14. In E Flat Minor (Original Version)
15. In D Flat Major “Raindrop” (Original Version)
16. In B Flat Minor (Original Version)
17. In A Flat Major (Original Version)
18. In F Minor (Original Version)
19. In E Flat Major (Original Version)
20. In C Minor (Original Version)
21. In B Flat Major (Original Version)
22. In G Minor (Original Version)
23. In F Major (Original Version)
24. In D Minor (Original Version)
Four Fairy Tales Skazki, Op.26
No.2 In E Flat Major – Molto Vivace (Four Fairy Tales Skazki, Op.26)
Rondeau à la Mazurka in F, Op.5
Original Version
Waltz No.1 in E flat, Op.18 -“Grande valse brillante”
Original Version
12 Etudes, Op.10
No.8 In F Major (Original Version)
Andante spianato and Grande polonaise in E flat, Op.22
Original Version
Mazurka No.33 in B, Op.56, No.1
Mazurka No.34 in C Op.56 No.2
Original Version
Mazurka No.35 in C minor, Op.56, No.3
Piano Sonata No.3 in B minor, Op.58
1. Allegro maestoso (Original Version)
2. Scherzo Molto vivace (Original Version)
3. Largo (Original Version)
4. Finale Presto non tanto (Original Version)

Trifonov, Daniil

Format: 2 CD
Release date: 13/10/2014
Barcode: 0028947937951 Categories: ,



   in Piano International (May, 2015)
This is actually two discs in one box from two companies (one Decca, one Deutsche Grammophon). The all-Chopin CD 2 is the Decca release. The first four items of this disc reveal a pianist unafraid to mix familiar with less so; to extract a single Etude (Op 10 No 8 in F major) and set it against a larger expanse. So it is that the teasing Rondo a la mazur, in a wonderfully fluent, spontaneous performance, is set against the Op 18 Grande valse brillante in a reading that mixes delicious hiatus with a properly leggeiro touch.

The Etude is light and technically amazing but perhaps not fantastical, very much a …

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