Uncensored – Nigel Kennedy

Vivaldi Violin Concerto op. 8 No. 1 “Spring” (1st Mov.); Violin Concerto op. 8 No. 2 “Summer” (2nd & 3d Mov.); Concerto RV 522 for 2 Violins, Strings, Bc (3d Mov.); Violin Concerto RV 356 (1st Mov.)
Bach Violin Concerto BWV 1041 (2nd Mov.); Concerto BWV 1043 for 2 Violins, Strings, Bc (2nd & 3d Mov.)
Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1
Karlowicz Violin Concerto op. 8 (2nd Mov.)
Elgar Violin Concerto op. 61 (1st & 2nd Mov.)
Brahms Violin Concerto op. 77 (3d Mov.)
Beethoven Violin Concerto op. 61 (2nd & 3d Mov.)
Kennedy From Adam to Eve; Fallen Forest; Stranger in a strange Land; Nice Bottle of Beaujolais, innit?; Breathing Stone; Soleil levant sur la Seine; Riverman
Ellington/Kennedy Come Sunday for Violin & Double Bass
Gershwin/Kennedy The Man I love

Nigel Kennedy

Format: 3 CD
Release date: 26/11/2021
Barcode: 0190296674945 Catégories : ,



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