Visions, Fantasies And Dances – Yedid Yitzhak

Introduction: Fire of my spiritual life
Vision of an old woman sitting alone and weeping
Mirages of friendship
The vision of the woman dows not loosen its grip on me
In a sharp transition
Flying in the heavens with the exalted angels
Fantasies from the Antipodes
A conflict of loves
Vision of chaos and calamity
Hallucinatory dance of a drunken Klezmer player
Image of the calm after the storm
Singing the Baqashot
A day of trouble and distress, a day of ruin and desolation… (Zephania 1:15)
Prayer Of The ‘Soul Of Every Being’
Dreaming reality
‘And Thy Faithfulness Every Night’
Night watch prayer at the Western Wall
Celebration of the promiscuous dancers
Chorus about the hallucinations
‘A Time To Weep, A Time To Laugh, A Time To Mourn, A Time To Dance.’
Wondering about the hallucinations
And behold, again the celebrators
Craze of creation
Fire of my spiritual life
The violinist’s gaze
Unison of marchers
He breaks into a solo like someone who doesn’t want to stop
Trumpeting of the dancers
Image of a bloodied pig falling from the sky
‘Lu Yehi’ (Naomi Shemer)
‘Thy Destroyers And They That Laid Thee Waste Go Away From Thee’
And in the midst of the holy thouy shall be praised
Prayer for another day

Yedid Yitzhak

Format: 1 CD
Release date: 3/1/2014
Barcode: 0608917123623 Catégories : ,



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