Folk Songs You’ll Like – Easy Riders & Terry Gilky

Champagne wine
Send for the captain
Hot crawfish
What – cha gonna do?
True love & tender care
Goodbye chiquita
Don’t hurry, worry me
Rollin’ home
Everybody loves Saturday night
South coast
So true blues
Wanderin’ blues
East Virginia
Gambler’s blues
Lonesome whistle
Six – wheel driver
Drill ye, tarriers
John Henry
I ride an old paint
Rovin’ gambler
Mayfield mountain
Sweet sugar cane
Eddystone light
Saturday’s child
Love is a golden ring
Ride away vaquero
Take off your old coat
Il fait si beau
Glory glory
My pretty quadroon
Quit kickin’ my dog around
Forever new
Poor boy
The lights of town
The cry of the wild goose
The green leaves of summer
Green grow the lilacs
Mi amor, mi corazón
Long lean Delilah
Ballad of the Alamo
Remember the alamo
Plain old plainsman
The girl I left behind
Tennessee babe
Here’s to the ladies

Easy Riders & Terry Gilky

Format: 2 CD
Date de sortie : 24/3/2014
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