The Complete Erato Recordings – Jordi Savall

1.CD Cansos de Trobairitz – Songs of the troubadours c.1200
2.CD Songs of Andalusia: Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance
3.CD LLibre Vermell de Montserrat – A 14th-century pilgrimage
4.CD Court Music and Songs from the Age of the Discoverers 1492-1553
5.CD Sephardic Romances – Sephardic Romances from the Age before the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain 1492 
7.CD Music at the Cour of Alfons 1442-1458 & Ferdinand I 1458-1494
8.CD Spanish Instrumental Music from the Time of Charles V
9.CD Canciones y Danzas de Espana 1547-1616 – Songs and dances from the time of Cervantes
10.CD Ortiz: Recerdadas del tratado de glosas 1553
11.CD El Barocco espanol – Spanish secular music c.1640-1700

Victoria de los Angeles, Montserrat Figueras, Ricercare-Ensemble, Hesperion XX, Jordi Savall

Format: 11 CD
Date de parution: 2/3/2018
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