The Complete Recordings On American Decca – Russell Oberlin

“Music of Medieval Court and Countryside (for the Christmas Season)” – Leonin: Viderunt omnes; Guillaume Dufay: Hostie Herodes; Vergille bella; Ave Regina; Martin de Rivaflecha: Salve Regina; Pierre Attaignant: 4 Dances; Richard Smert: Nowell, Nowell; Anonymous: 2 French Dances; There is no Rose; Saltarello; Riu, Riu; Te Deum (1957 / The New York Pro Musica Antiqua, Noah Greenberg)
“The Play of Daniel – A Twelfth Century Musical Drama” (1958 / The New York Pro Musica Antiqua, Noah Greenberg)
Thomas Tallis Lamentationes Jeremiae; Mass for four Voices; Motette “In jejunio et fletu” (The New York Pro Musica Antiqua, Noah Greenberg)
“Elizabethan and Jacobean Ayres, Madrigals and Dances” – Works from Thomas Morley, John Dowland, William Byrd, Tobias Hume, Orlando Gibbons, John Coperario, Robert Jones, John Farmer, Thomas Campion, Anonymous (The New York Pro Musica Antiqua, Noah Greenberg)
George Frideric Handel But who may abide the day of his coming & How beautiful are the feet from Messiah; Their land brought forth frogs & Theo shalt bring them in from Israel in Egypt; Ah, dolce nome from Muzio Scevola; Vivi, tirammo & Pompe vane di morte…Dove sei, amato bene from Rodelinda; Ombra cara from Radamisto (1960 / Albert Fuller, Baroque Chamber Orchestra, Thomas Dunn)
Josquin Desprez Missa pange lingua; Fama Malum; Dulces exuviae; La Bernadina; Tu solus; Fanfare for Louis XII; Anonymous (flämisch): Heth sold ein meisken; Si j’ai perdu mon ami (New York Pro Musica Motet Choir & Wind Ensemble, Noah Greenberg)
“Baroque Cantatas” – Georg Philipp Telemann: Kantaten TVW 1: 213 “Deine Toten werden leben” & TWV 1: 694 “Gott will Mensch and sterblich werden”; Dieterich Buxtehude: Kantate BuxWV 64 “Lubilate Domino”; Georg Friedrich Händel: Kantate HWV 162 “Siete rose rugiadose” (George Ricci, Cello; Morris Newman, Bassoon; Douglas Williams, Harpsichord)
“A Russell Oberlin Recital” – Robert Jones: Love is a Bable; Ite caldi sospiri; As I lay lately in a Dream; Goe to Bed sweete Muze; Henry Purcell: Hark! The Echoing Air from The Fairy Queen; I love and i must; Music for a While from Oedipus; Robert Schumann: Sängers Trost; Meine Rose; Ihre Stimme, Dein Angesicht; Hugo Wolf: Auch kleine Dinge können uns entzücken; Ach, im Maien war es; Auf ein altes Bild; Verschwiegene Liebe; Nun wandre, Maria; Er ist’s; Anonymous: The Saint Godric Songs; Love is a Many splendored Thing from Love is a many splendored Thing; Little Girl blue from Jumbo; More and more from Can’t help singing; You always love the same Girl from A Connecticut Yankee (Joseph Iadone, Laute; Paul Maynard, Harpsichord; Martha Blackman, Viola da gamba; Douglas Williams, Piano)
William Walton Facade (1961 / Hermione Gingold, John Solum, Theodore Weis, Charles Russo, Vincent J. Abato, Charles McCracken, Harold Farberman, Thomas Dunn)

Russell Oberlin

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