The Many Loves Of Antonin Dvorak

Slavonic Dances, Series II., Op. 72
Srbské kolo – Presto
Mazur – Allegretto grazioso
Moravian Duets, Op. 32
Parting Without Sorrow
Sad of Heart
Moravian Duets, Op. 38
Greeting from Afar
String Quartet No. 2 in D major
Allegro energico
Mazurkas, Op. 56, B.111
Allegro non troppo
Dimitrij. Grand Opera in Four Acts, Op. 64
Act 2, Scene 4: O my protector!
Dumky. Piano trio, Op. 90
Poco adagio
Czech Suite D major Op. 39 B 93
Romanza. Andante con moto
Czech suite in D major, Op. 39 (Selection)
Finale (Furiant)
String Quintet in G major, Op. 77 (Op. 18)
Poco andante
My Home. Ouverture for F.F.samberk’s play Josef Kajetán Tyl, Op. 62 B 125 a
Ave Maria for Contraalto and Organ, Op. 19B (B 68)
Sonatina for Violin and Piano in G major, Op. 100, B 183
Scherzo. Molto vivace
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No. 2 in B minor, Op. 104
Adagio, ma non troppo
Symphony No. 4 in D minor, Op. 13 (B 41)
Allegro feroce
Dumka and Furiant, Op. 12
Serenade for Wind Instruments D minor Op. 44 B 77
Andante con moto
Rusalka. Opera in 3 Acts, Op. 114
Act 2: Pitiful Rusalka Pallid
The Jacobin. Opera in 3 Acts, Op. 84
Act 1, Scene 7
Symphony No. 1 in C minor The Bells of Zlonice, sine op. (B 9)
Adagio di molto
Love Songs, Op. 83
Now as by that house I tread. Allegretto
Lonely in the wood I stand, by the rushing brook. Andante
In the sweet power of thine eyes. Andante
My only dear one, my dear love. Poco lento
Cypresses for String quartet, B. 152
The Old Letter in My Book. Andante
Nature Lies Peaceful in Slumber and Dreaming. Allegro scherzando
Poetic Tone Pictures Op. 85 B 161
Joking. Allegretto leggiero
Serenade for Wind Instruments D minor Op. 44 B 77
Menuetto. Tempo di minuetto
The Jacobin. Opera in 3 Acts, Op. 84
Act 2, Scene 1
Quintet for Piano, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello No. 2 in A major, Op. 81 (B. 155)
Scherzo – Furiant. Molto vivace
Silent Woods for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 68, No. 5
In Nature’s Realm. Mixed choruses, Op. 63
Bells Untied in An Evening Wood
Rye Field
In Nature’s Realm. Concert Overture, Op. 91
In Nature’s Realm
Poetic Tone Pictures Op. 85 B 161
At Svatá hora. Poco lento
Legends, Op. 59, B 122
Allegro giusto
Saint Ludmila. Oratorio on the Words by Jaroslav Vrchlicky for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 71 (B 144)
Part III – Introduzione e coro – Introduction and Chorus: Mighty Lord, Have Mercy on Us!
Nocturne for String orchestra in B major, Op. 40, B 47
Stabat Mater. Oratorio for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 58
Eja, Mater, fons amoris – Andante con moto
The Spectre ‘s Bride. Dramatic Cantata to the Words by Karel Jaromír Erben for Soloists, Mixed Chorus and Large Orchestr
Soprano solo: Hail Virgin Mary, Stand by Me
Requiem. Mass for the deceased for Solo Voices, Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 89
Confutatis maledictis. Moderato maestoso
Biblical Songs. On text of Bible of Kralice, Op. 99 (B185)
Hear, Oh Hear My Prayer, Lord My God. Andante
Oh, My Shepherd Is the Lord. Andante
Te Deum Op. 103 B 176
Final Part

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